All Or Nothing by Stuart Keane

Another favorite I read in 2014, July 2014.


If you want wicked, evil people – read this book!

If you want mystery and suspense – read this book!

If you wants twists and turns beyond your imagination – read this book!

Simply put…read it!! It is an amazing read, one that I found hard to put down. The story pulled me in from the beginning, I was there, in the game with The Choices. I became invested in them, rooting for them, hoping that The Chronicles got what they deserved. Of course I had my favorites to love and favorites to hate. That is what this book does to you.

The Game is reality pay-per-view t.v. with a hard on! (literally). Which only sick people would be involved in competing in, but, that is what The Company is made up of. What if the government really did this? Makes you think doesn’t it?

This is a thrilling, brilliant, phenomenal book. A must read for anyone that loves horror, mystery, thriller. Stuart Keane is an amazing author!

I had read Stuart’s novella, The Customer Is Always and Terror Train; of which has Stuart’s story, Fool Aboard in it. I was impressed by his writing and was looking forward to the release of All or Nothing so that I could read it. Stuart asked if I wanted to read an ARC of All or Nothing and I was honored to do so.

5 stars…YES! This one is going on my favorites list as well as Best of 2014. Again, this is a must read if you love wicked, evil people, thrills, mystery, suspense, and those twists and turns that make you go…What?!?, especially that one at the end, classic brilliance.

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