Consumed: Volume II by Kyle M. Scott

I read this book in May 2014.


This book is a collection of short horror stories and probably the best short horror stories I have ever read.

These stories are gruesome, suspenseful, disgusting, and disturbing, all what makes good horror. Some people may think these stories are a bit “much”, or controversial, or whatever they choose to think, I say…get over it and enjoy the read, it’s a story. If you love horror, this is a must read.

The first story is Special Delivery, about a pizza delivery boy, Jack, who has plans with his girl Shelly. His plans are averted when his boss says he has to make a delivery out of town. He goes, looking forward to seeing Shelly later, not even knowing what is about to happen. This was my favorite of the four.

The second, Shopping, was also very good. About a disfigured man, who lives in the woods near a town, and what he does to survive. Oh my my!!

Kentucky Fried, the third, is about a man, his life, his life with his “out there” wife, and what happens to them and the whole world. I felt kind of sorry for him.

The final story, Television Eye, hmmmm, I wonder if…

Kyle M. Scott has done an excellent job here. A definite 5 stars!! You don’t see many authors be so bold with this kind of horror. I loved it and the fact that he decided to take his ideas and write them down for people to read, probably knowing that some would not approve.

Very much looking forward to reading his novel when it comes out.

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