Review: Counterphobia: A Collection of Horror

Counterphobia: A Collection of Horror
Counterphobia: A Collection of Horror by William Hage
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given a copy of this book by the author for a fair and honest review.

I really enjoyed this collection of short stories about different types of phobias.

The first story, Welcome Home (Nostophobia), fear of returning home, is about a man, John, who returns to his childhood home. While there he starts remembering what happened in this house while he was young. He finds his father’s journal and discovers some disturbing things and even more disturbing things when the brother he had forgotten shows up. A very good story.

The second story is No One Lives Forever (Thanatophobia), fear of death. Jacob is getting ready to get on an elevator when he suddenly changes his mind. It crashes and all 12 people die, but he knows there were 13 on there, including a white haired man. This man shows up and Jacob wonders what he wants, why he didn’t die, and who is he? He also wonders if he was supposed to die. The beginning reminded me of Final Destination. Great story.

The third, Chuckles the Clown (Coulrophobia), fear of clowns, is about Simon and his dad, Jake. They are at a carnival and spot a scary looking clown in the arcade. No one else seems to see him. What does he want with them and why is he at there home when they arrive back there? I liked this one.

Porcelain (Pediophobia), fear of dolls, is also a great story. A man stops at a Bed and Breakfast for the night and sees a doll he thinks his daughter will like. He purchases it and returns home where things start going wrong. He hears things, the doll seems to “change”, and people are murdered in his building. He returns to the Bed and Breakfast to find out what is going on. What he finds is not what he expected.

The Shape (Sciophobia), fear of shadows, is the fifth story. Kyle awakens and goes into the bathroom where he sees a shadow in the mirror. Dean, his brother thinks it is lack of sleep. So, he gets some rest, but still sees it after all that sleep. He fears it, and for good reason.

The Lake (Limnophobia), fear of lakes, sixth story. Charlie is at the lake, he sees a boy, the boy goes into the water and goes under, Charlie saves him, but can he save himself from what lurkes in the water?

The final story is The Sinkhole (Agateophobia), fear of insanity. Mike and Mark check out a sinkhole in a man’s yard in Florida. It is bigger than any they have seen before. While there Mike hears voices, but they are unintelligible. No one else seems to hear them. He goes home and continues to hear them as he goes to sleep. When he wakes he is lured to the sinkhole and the owner is at the edge of it. What will happen and what is calling to them?

I really liked all of these stories and must say William Hage has done an excellent job. I will read more from this author. A big thanks to him for letting me read his book.

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