Review: Paranormal Experiences: (Death The Final Frontier

Paranormal Experiences: (Death The Final Frontier
Paranormal Experiences: (Death The Final Frontier by Charles Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to say that this was a very interesting book. The author is from the same area that I grew up.

The first part of the book he talked about his faith, religion and God. I am not a believer of God, but understand that people are.

He also talked about the death of his father, who was the sheriff of Appanoose Co. for many years. How his father was visited by spirts before his death and how he was visited by his father. How other family members at times of their deaths, were also visited by spirits.

The second part of the book tells of his and his families experiences with the paranormal in several places he has visited and in some of the residences he and his family have lived in. I found this part of the book fascinating, I enjoyed reading it. I have wanted to visit some of these places.

I do not know what my thinking is about spirits. I want to say they exist, but have never experienced anything of the paranormal that I know of, except the Ouija board and possibly shadow spiders, which he mentions in the book. Just a few months ago I woke up and could see these huge spiders above my bed, they looked more like shadows, so I am guessing that they were these shadow spiders he mentions. It was very strange, I did not feel threatened by them and they eventually went away.

My mom swears we had a spirit in the house I grew up in, as she and my step dad both had unnatural experiences there. She has also seen shadow people. So, I have to say that there are some sort of spirits or ghosts or whatever you’d like to call them out and about. I always thought I’d like to experience something like that, just to know for sure.

He mentions the use of the Ouija board. I can remember using it when I was younger, with my mom. It would go crazy when we used it. One time we think we even talked with my great grandmother. Was it real? I guess maybe so.

All in all I enjoyed this book and learned some new things. It kind of made my thinking change a little bit. Read it and see what conclusions you come to.

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