A Review of – Crooked Tree by Robert C. Wilson


4 out of 5 stars.

My mom recommended this book to me. She said it freaked her out when she read it. I can’t say it freaked me out or scared me so much. It did hold my interest.

I was more interested in the Indian folklore and legends of the Ottawa tribe. I don’t know if the Bearwalk legend or The Feast of the Dead ritual are true or not,I researched it and didn’t come up with much. I know the Ottawa were very real.

The story is based in Northern Michigan, and the Crooked Tree State Forest. People are being killed by bears in the state forest and many believe it is the Bearwalk legend, as the victims tounges have been removed.

Axel and Janis live in the forest and are deeply affected, especially Janis. What is happening to her, is she a part of what is happening? Most definitely, but how? Axel goes in search of how to stop the madness. Will he succeed??

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