My Interview with Andrew Lennon

I want to give a big thank your to Andrew Lennon for taking the time to answer my interview questions.
I have read several of his books and think that he is an amazingly talented author. I highly recommend that you check them out after you read this interview.

Let’s start with getting the formalities out of the way- 
Tell me a little about yourself, age, location, family, etc. 


Hi, ok well my name is Andrew, but most people call me Andy.  I live in Runcorn, which is in the North West of England, just outside Liverpool.  I’m happily married.  I live with my wife Hazel and our children.  During the week I actually work full time as an accountant. 

What is something you’d like to share that most people don’t know about you? 

Not a lot of people know this, but I actually suffer quite often from night terrors.  I awake in the night screaming and sometimes fighting something in my room.  These episodes have sometimes given me good ideas for stories, so at least I can take some positive from it. 

What books have you published and/or had your works featured in? 

Well, if you ask me this question again in a few months my answer will look a lot better, haha. 
Right now I have published, A Life to Waste, Time, Family Man, and Nightmares
Nightmares recently appeared in the online publication, Sirens Call
Across the next few months I will have a lot more work out there.  I have “Keith” due for release next month, plus about eight stories due to go into various anthologies. 





What has been your favorite story or novel to write and what inspired you to write it? 

My favorite so far is probably a short story called “Daddy’s Girl”, I’ve submitted that to an upcoming anthology. I’m really hoping it gets in.  I did a bit of research for that story and it has quite gruesome and very unique torture methods in there. 

I have read three of your books and have enjoyed every one. I really liked A Life to Waste. How did you come up with the idea at the end, gruesome by the way, and also the character of Dave, how did he come about? 

The bit at the end that you’re talking about came from a mash up of various horror films I’ve watched over the years.  The likes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Human Centipede, Silence of the Lambs, etc. Put all of them together and you can see where it’s going. 
Dave is also a bit of a mash up.  He’s me and a lot of other people I have encountered in my life.  We all have different problems and our only personal tortures.  If you combine a lot of them it makes for an interesting character. 

What has been your greatest accomplishment to date? 

Probably getting off my backside to go ahead and actually write in the first place.  I think too many people underestimate just how scary it is to throw your work out to complete strangers around the world and have them judge you on it.  Thankfully I’ve received mostly positive feedback, but it still terrifies me everytime I know someone is reading my stuff. 

Have you had any disappointments that just really got to you? If so, would you care to share what it was and why? 

Not really, if I’m being honest.  I guess if I had to say something it would be that I’m a bit disappointed in myself for not releasing A Life to Waste properly the first time around.  It still had a lot of errors because I tried to do it all myself.  I have rectified that now and appointed a professional editor.  The feedback already has been very positive. 

Who does the covers for your books and do you help in designing them? 

Right now I’ve done all the covers myself.  I would like to appoint someone to do them for me in the future, but as yet that hasn’t happened.  I did have a lot of help with the cover for “Keith”, I had the picture and a basic idea, but Stuart Keane actually helped me a lot with finding the right lighting for the picture and the rough and ready font that really suits Keith’s character. 

What author(s) inspired you the most to become a writer and at what age? What was it about them that inspired you? What would be your favorite book(s) by that author? 

Calvin Wade probably inspired me to go ahead and actually do it.  The main reason for this was that he grew up in the same area as me.  He chose to go ahead and do it himself and he gave me the encouragement to do so as well.  His book Forever is Over is probably my favorite.  It’s based in Ormskirk, my hometown and it is a fantastic read. 

Are there any new authors that have become favorites of yours? 

Yes and I’m acquiring more and more new favorites all the time.  Recently I’ve discovered the works of some amazing writers; Iain Rob Wright, Michael Bray, Stuart Keane.  Everything I’ve read by them so far has been brilliant. 

You write mostly horror/thriller books. What characteristic of that genre do you feel is most important when writing? Or the most fun for you to write? 

Keeping it scary has to be the key in my point of view.  In any part of a horror story you should always have in the back of your mind that something could happen at any time.  If you’ve got a reader thinking this way then you’ve won. 

Would you ever consider writing in a different genre? If so, what would it be and why? 

The only thing I’ve written away from the horror/thriller genre is “Time” this is more of a romance story and it actually held the number 1 spot for free romance short story on Amazon US for quite a while.  I may do something different again in the future, but I couldn’t say for definite until I think of a story. 

When writing, how much research goes into your work? What has been the most interesting thing you have had to research? What has been the most fun thing in your research? 

I usually write about things I already know, so not a lot of research is needed.  However, I did do a bit of research for the story I mentioned earlier “Daddy’s Girl”.  You’ll see why when you read it. 

How do you come up with or what inspires you to come up with the ideas for your novels, novellas and short stories? 

Usually I just have a very basic idea and then I’ll build a story around that. For, A Life to Waste, I heard neighbors arguing and thought- “If someone actually broke in to their house and murdered them, no one would question the screaming because it’s so often.”  From there I heard an ice cream truck with creepy music and I just started planning the story around those two things. 

What are you currently working on and what else do you have planned for 2015? 

As mentioned earlier I have Keith due out in June, which is available for pre order on Amazon now if you’re interested. 
I also have several stories lined up for upcoming anthologies.  I have “Meet Victor”, which I’m really excited about, as it’s appearing in “JEAper Creepers”, an anthology for children for J Ellington Ashton Press.  My daughter also has a story appearing in that so I’m both immensely proud and excited to be published in the same book as her. 
I have “Twins”, appearing in the upcoming anthology “Kids” from Dark Chapter Press. 
Throw a Punch”, in the anthology “Growing Pains” from Sinister Saints. 
Fast Food”, appearing in “Under the Bridge” by J Ellington Ashton Press. Plus quite a few more.  It really is exciting times. 



On a more personal note – 
What are some of your likes and dislikes in movies, books, food, drinks, activities, music, etc, or anything else you would like to let us know about you? 

I love all horror movies.  Even the bad ones.  When I’m tired I like to just dumb it down and watch a cheesy horror.  I can’t stand chick flicks.  In any shape or form. 
Books, again I’m a horror buff, but I do like the odd classic every now and then; Of Mice to Men, Catcher in the Rye, etc.  I’m not a fan of romance novels. 
Food, I like it all if it’s bad for me.  My brain is a bit of an asshole that way. 
Drink, I drink far, far too much fizzy stuff.  But I also drink a lot of water, so it’s sort of balanced, sort of. 
Music, I like all sorts, everything from Adagio for Strings to System of a Down to Stone Roses to The Beatles. Pretty much everything. 

Name a favorite and least favorite memory from your childhood and from your adult life. 

Favorite from adulthood has to be becoming a parent, no competition there.
From childhood, hmmm probably spending nights drinking with friends singing along to Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses.
Least favorite from adulthood is probably college.  I did day release from work to study accountancy and I hated every single minute of it.
Least favorite from childhood is my jet ski crash. 

If you could change anything about your life, past or present, or both, what would it be, if anything? 

Nope, nothing.  Everything that has happened in my life so far has lead to this point.  Whether bad or good.  If the odd things changed everything as I know it could be different now.  You’ve probably seen the movie “The Butterfly Effect”.  I am fortunate enough right now to be surrounded by family and friends who I love.  I may not be the most wealthy guy in the world, but I get by.  I really can’t complain. 

What is the best thing a fan has said to you? The most funny thing? The worst thing? 

The best thing was in a review I received for “Time” it said – “You are a good writer, I will read more of your work” – I think as an aspiring author there is nothing better you can hear. 
Most funny thing.  I don’t know, I can’t think of anything being honest. I don’t think I actually have any fans to say anything funny to me? 
The worst thing, again. Same as funny. Nothing.

What do you like best and least about living in England? 

Move on.  I’m a typical Brit and I can spend the next hours moaning about everything, even though they’re probably the same things I actually like about the country. 

Where can fans find and contact you on the web? Blogs, websites, etc. 

Facebook –
Blog –
Twitter – @andylennon1984
Goodreads –


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