My Interview with Ian Carroll

A big Thank You to Ian Carroll for answering my interview questions.

Check out his books, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 🙂


Let’s start with getting the formalities out of the way-
Tell me a little about yourself, age, location, family, etc. 

My name is Ian Carroll, I’m 49 years old, currently live in Plymouth UK with my wife Raine and sons Nathan & Joshua plus our black cat Rex.

What is something you’d like to share that most people don’t know about you?

I once went on tour with the US band Bowling For Soup as I was writing their book, but it fell through, could still happen though.

What books have you published and/or had your works featured in?

Books published are:
‘My Name is Ishmael’
‘Valentine’s Day’
‘Demon Pirates Vs Vikings’
‘The Lovers Guide To Internet Dating’
‘Music, Mud and Mayhem: The Official Book of the Reading Festival’
‘From Donington To Download’


I also write for the Official Reading Festival website, have written for Virtual Festivals, Samhain magazine etc.

What has been your favorite story or novel to write and what inspired you to write it?

‘The Lovers Guide To Internet Dating’ is my favourite so far and I was inspired by the crazy times that I had on Internet dating sites 3yrs ago – lots of crazy people on there and I went out with a few mentalists, but then I met my wife, so it wasn’t all bad!!!


I have read a couple of your books, The Lovers Guide to Internet Dating, which was very scary as it deals with real life, and Demon Pirates vs. Vikings, both of which were very good. How did you come up with the idea for each? 
I really liked the twists in Demon Pirates vs. Vikings, especially the “special child”, what made you decide to have her be the way she is?

‘Lovers Guide’ – see my previous comment, the world of dating is scary, especially when you meet people and they aren’t all they seem to be!!!
‘Vikings’ just seem to come to me as I went, it didn’t take too long to write either, it just flowed so easily and the twist just felt right and came to me when I was just staring at the blank screen, inspiration comes at odd times I guess?!

What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

My ‘Reading Festival’ book being #1 on Amazon and when it was in pre-orders selling more at one point that Ozzy and Slash’s autobiographies.

Have you had any disappointments that just really got to you? If so, would you care to share what it was and why?

No disappointments yet, though it can be disappointing how time flies and trying to fit my writing in without annoying my wife for not spending time with her!!

Who does the covers for your books and do you help in designing them?

All the covers have been produced/designed by myself – some images are my own photos and some are ‘royalty free’ images from a website that I use.

What author(s) inspired you the most to become a writer and at what age? What was it about them that inspired you? What would be your favorite book(s) by that author?

I was inspired by Stephen King and also my some of the anthologies of the 70’s on Pan books that I used to read at school – I started writing books at 42, quite a late starter really.

Are there any new authors that have become favorites of yours?

He’s not really new now, but I love Jo Nesbo – plenty of twists in the plots and rather prolific

You write mostly horror/thriller books. What characteristic of that genre do you feel is most important when writing? Or the most fun for you to write?

I like the ‘gorier’ side of the novels and the twists and turns that my plots tend to take. 
I find it quite fun to turn the plot on its head and throw the reader off balance. 

Would you ever consider writing in a different genre? If so, what would it be and why?

I would possibly write some ‘erotica’ as there are those elements in the books, but I’m not sure if that will be in the near future or not!!

When writing, how much research goes into your work? What has been the most interesting thing you have had to research? What has been the most fun thing in your research?

I try to make the plots as realistic as possible. Having written music books as well as horror, it was interesting including music events in ‘My Name Is Ishmael’ and I had to do quite a bit of research on the Altamont Festival, would’ve loved to have gone to it. 

How do you come up with or what inspires you to come up with the ideas for your novels, novellas and short stories?

I keep my iPhone in my pocket and if I ever think of an idea I jot it down in the ‘Notes’ app on there – it’s pretty full up with ideas at the moment, so lots of books on the way. 

What are you currently working on and what else do you have planned for 2015?

It’s a busy year for me at the moment. I have a non fiction music book in production at the moment about a venue in the UK near me, that was recently demolished. It played host to hundreds of bands including legends such as The Who, Elton John, The Clash, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath, Rainbow etc.
I also have a full length horror book and a short horror novel in production as well, busy times and all out before the end of the year. 

On a more personal note – 
What are some of your likes and dislikes in movies, books, food, drinks, activities, music, etc, or anything else you would like to let us know about you?

Love reading – autobiographies, horror, thrillers 
Food – curry, Chinese, pasta 
Drink – beer, Jäger, cider
Music – Metallica, KISS, Magnum
Activities – Festivals, cinema

What do you like best about living in the UK?

Love the festivals, the music and the variety in TV, but hate the lack of consistency in the weather 

Name a favorite and least favorite memory from your childhood and from your adult life.

Childhood – favourite – playing in our local park all summer long
Least favourite – rainy days stopping us playing

Adult life – Favourite – 3rd marriage
Least favourite – 1st marriage

If you could change anything about your life, past or present, or both, what would it be, if anything?

Lose some weight and have more time to write

What is the best thing a fan has said to you? The most funny thing? The worst thing?

Best things are definitely the 4* and 5* reviews on Amazon and the worst things are when people leave bad reviews without even reading the books. 

Where can fans find and contact you on the web? Blogs, websites, etc.

Which is my page on Amazon where all the books are.

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